Student support

Personal tutor

You will be assigned a personal tutor when you arrive in the College, and you will be encouraged to remain in contact with them throughout the year(s) of your programme. In January you will have a self-appraisal meeting with your personal tutor, giving you a chance to discuss your experiences and academic work in an interview based on an pre-submitted self-appraisal form. At the end of the interview you and your tutor will agree on an ‘action plan’ to guide your work for the rest of the academic year.


At registration you will be given a copy of the College MA Handbook, which provides information on academic and pastoral matters.

Staff Student Liaison Committee (SSLC)

The College PGT Staff Student Liaison Committee, which meets termly, represents the interests of all taught postgraduates in the College, including those taking this programme, who are eligible for election to it. It comprises student and staff representatives and is chaired by a student member elected by the SSLC.

Other support services

The University provides a wide range of other support services in order to help you in any way possible during your study with us.