Service Level Description

Exeter IT

The purpose of Exeter IT is to deliver best in class digital and IT solutions to students and staff.  Exeter IT has responsibility for all digital services and IT that is used within the University of Exeter.  This maybe from supporting the purchase of software for a college through to major network upgrades and cyber security.

We are a design led, service centric, customer focused service, supporting colleges and services in research, education and business activities in the most efficient and effective way. To deliver this we are organised across three teams; Strategy and Architecture, Solutions Delivery, and Service Management.

Strategy and Architecture (aka Design) focuses on Business Partnership, University and customer focused IT strategy.

Solutions Delivery (aka Develop) ensures successful delivery of new services and the integration with the data that we own.   Specialist Research IT Staff are here to support research grant activity and High Performance Computing.

Service Management (aka Operate), has responsibly for the operation of all live services and networks. This team also supports audio visual and print applications and manages suppliers.

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Key deliverables for 2018/19

  • Implement new service management tools to streamline IT support
  • Implement IT service catalogue to streamline provision of IT services
  • Embedding new operating model across all areas of IT and checking on staff and student satisfaction
  • Implementing new print service, delivering institutional savings
  • Conclude other major procurement projects delivering efficiencies
  • Expansion of Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation
  • Ensure Exeter IT is established as a “Trusted Operator” in year 1 post transformation as we grow our maturity

Service provided

Strategy and Architecture:

  • Architecture is building a holistic view of strategies, business processes, information and technologies to ensure that short term and long term requirements are aligned to the University’s objectives
  • Compliance and security ensures robust information security, risk management, and audit and compliance strategies to protect the University's IT systems and information assets, and to meet regulatory and legal obligations as well as academic and professional services expectations.
  • Business Partners build strong relationships work closely with a number of Colleges and Professional Services to ensure IT services align to business priorities, and to increase the value realised from IT assets, investments, and capabilities.

Solutions Delivery:

  • Research IT team are responsible for providing specialist IT and digital support to academics in delivering research and specialist teaching, leveraging the community of specialist support to create a culture of local delivery and partnership.
  • Development is where new solutions, and changes to existing solutions, take place and are responsible for the development of the University’s information systems, applications and platforms, and innovative digital services.
  • Test & Release ensures the services built meet required standards, ensuring documentation is robust and that the release of services is suitably supported.
  • Portfolio Management Office plans and manages the resource within Exeter IT to deliver the projects that the design phase has passed over. They provide the centre of excellence for IT projects with expertise in across PM methodologies.

Service Management:

  • Customer Service ensures high levels of customer satisfaction by delivering efficient and effective support to users, ensuring the service meets customer’s expectations and service level agreements.
  • Service Performance manages the University’s networks, infrastructure and supplier performance for both on-premises and cloud services.
  • Operations and Security ensures high levels of business satisfaction and confidence in IT, managing the effective response to incidents and problems and delivering to agreed service levels. They protect networks, computers, programs and data from attack, damage and prevent unauthorised access through use of cybersecurity tools.

Service users

  • College exec teams
  • PS Directors
  • Service Owners
  • Research academics
  • Service Owners
  • All users

What we strive for

  • High staff satisfaction
  • NSS score for IT (question 18) of 90% or better
  • Establish customer need clearly through the agreement of requirements and measures of success before development of changes  or new systems
  • Ensure strategic alignment of IT to all colleges and services through the Service Owner Board structure (termly meetings)

Key contacts

NamePositionExtensionEmail addressContact for?
Ian Tilsed Head of Strategy and Architecture 5385 Strategy and Architecture
Nathan Burden Head of Solutions Delivery 5688 Solutions Delivery
Richard Uren Head of Service Management 5878 Service Management
Stuart Gaslonde Director of IT and Digital (FXPlus) 01326 370769 IT at Penryn
  IT Service Desk 4724 All helpdesk issues