Service Level Description

Global Partnerships

The Global Partnerships team develops and implements strategic partnerships with strongly performing universities around the world. In addition, the team assists the Deputy Registrar in co-ordinating activity at both the operational and strategic levels in order to develop focussed collaborations. For example linking together Study Abroad partners, research project partners, recruitment partners, and curriculum enhancement relationships. The team will lead on producing an annual evaluation of progress and achievement in the context of the University’s Global Strategy.

Key deliverables for 2018/19

  • Further embedding and establishments of Tier 1 relationships 
  • Confirmation and progress towards Tier 1 relationship with a European partner
  • Formal relationships established with 2-3 new Tier 2 partners
  • Updating and embedding of new policies and procedures following the confirmation of the new Global Strategy and the new structure

Service provided

  • Undertake research and coordinate data in order to identify  and update the set of University target strategic partners
  • Raise Exeter’s profile and develop relationships with PS counterparts at targeted institutions in order to explore and promote partnership activity
  • Develop proposals for consideration and approval regarding partnership activity
  • Negotiate legal agreements with partner institutions
  • Customer relationship management
  • Coordinate information and updates on range of global strategy activity
  • Coordinate and facilitate executive delegation travel
  • Coordinate and facilitate high level, strategic inward visits from staff from other universities

Service users

  • University senior management, Colleges, Institutes, and in some cases disciplines and faculty
  • Other HEIs developing a relationship with Exeter

What we strive for

This team strives to develop and deliver valuable beneficial strategic partnerships with key global universities to directly deliver the University’s global ambition. This team will ensure these partnerships are delivered against agreed budgets and will provide a costed annual plan of University led Global Engagement.

Key contacts

NamePositionExtensionEmail addressContact for?
Roz Pardee Head of Global Partnerships 4267 Global Strategy, strategic and operational developments; matters regarding Australasia partners
Richard Foord Deputy Head of Global Partnerships 6340 In absence of the Head; administration of Global Partnerships; matters regarding E Asia partners
Rachel Jones Asst Head, Business Partner for UEMS and UEBS 5107 Global partnership matters for staff in UEMS and UEBS
James Smith Asst Head, Business Partner for HUMS and SSIS 3063 Global partnership matters for staff in HUMS and SSIS
Charlotte Elson Acting Asst Head, Business Partner for CLES and CEMPS 6314 Global partnership matters for staff in CLES and CEMPS
Garret Maher Asst Head, Regional Head - Europe 6671 Matters regarding European partners
Stuart Westhead Asst Head, Regional Head – N America 01326 259224 Matters regarding N American partners; general guidance for staff based in Penryn
Sarah Lake Acting Global Partnerships Officer [covering for 9 months while Charlotte Elson is acting up] 2699 Organisation of senior executive delegation travel; and high level inward visits by HEI staff on global partnership business
Jose Campos Global Partnerships Administrator 2955 First point of contact for advice and guidance