Join a world-leading, cross-continental research team

We are pleased to announce that we are now accepting applications for the second round of fully funded QUEX studentships. These prestigious studentships are generously funded with full tuition fees, stipend, a travel allowance and a research training grant. The successful students will have a supervisor from each university and will spend a significant period of time in both the UK and Australia as part of their programme.

Find out more about the projects available under the three themes below:

» Novel Low Carbon Concrete for Fire Resistance applications
Exeter academic lead: Dr Raffaele Vinai
Queensland academic lead: Dr Vinh Dao

» Long-term impacts and multiple benefits of green infrastructure in cities
Exeter academic lead: Professor Guangtao Fu
Queensland academic lead: Professor Zhiguo Yuan

» Exploring the nanoscale surface interactions of microplastics in natural waters
Exeter academic lead: Professor Tamara Galloway
Queensland academic lead: Professor Kevin Thomas

» Impact of elevated CO2 on physiology, health and disease resistance in global aquaculture
Exeter academic lead: Professor Rod W. Wilson
Queensland academic lead: Dr Andrew Barnes

» Hazard and disaster planning in tourism: An integrative approach
Exeter academic lead: Professor Tim Coles
Queensland academic lead: Professor Brent Ritchie

» Can migration be harnessed to contribute to sustainability transitions?
Exeter academic lead: Professor Neil Adger
Queensland academic lead: Dr Karen McNamara

» Assessment of the restoration of South East Asian peatlands through sedimentological and palaeoecological analysis
Exeter academic lead: Dr Angela Gallego-Sala
Queensland academic lead: Associate Professor Patrick Moss

» Examining trajectories of decline of megafauna in our coastal seas
Exeter academic lead: Dr Ruth H. Thurstan
Queensland academic lead: Professor John M. Pandolfi

» Environmentally sustainable closure of tailings storage facilities informed by life cycle analysis
Exeter academic lead: Professor Karen Hudson-Edwards
Queensland academic lead: Dr Talitha Santini