Thursday - parallel sessions 2, 14.00 - 15.30

Seminar Room 1 - How states account for failure in Europe (HowSAFE): risk and the limits of governance

Chair:   Henry Rothstein and David Demeritt


  • Kristian Krieger: Putting varieties of risk-based governance into institutional context?
  • Henry Rothstein, O. Borraz and M. Huber: Risk and other 'psychopathologies' of governance: exploring national varieties of risk governance in Europe
  • Michael Huber: Higher education and the emergence of risk-based regulation
  • David Demeritt and S. Norbert: Forecasting hazards: risk, error, and blame in public weather service provision in the UK and France

Seminar Room 2 - 'Nudging' as an alternative to regulation and the market

Chair:   Adam Burgess


Seminar Room 3 - Bringing the state back in the analysis of regulation

Chair:   Bruce Doern


  • Daniel Wincott: The regulatory state vs the welfare state?
  • David Levi-Faur: The regulatory state against the welfare state? A critical analysis of the trade-off approach for institutional change
  • Isik Ozel: From developmental to regulatory states
  • Lars Niklasson: The regulatory state vs the developmental state: the case of the EU

Seminar Room 4 - Sanctions, liability and deterrence

Chair:   Leone Niglia


  • Qi Zhou: Deterring illegal transactions: an economic perspective
  • Joseph Spooner: The challenge to traditional personal insolvency law of the consumer credit society
  • Shaun Elder: The sanctions pyramid: civil and criminal dimension interplay, financial regulatory context
  • Laura Tilindyte: Regulatory enforcement and sanctions

Seminar Room 5 - Regulatory styles and regulatory states

Chair:   Ahmed Badran


Seminar Room 6 - The politics of independent regulatory agencies

Chair:   Esteban Arribas Reyes


  • Christoph Ossege: Explaining agency autonomy in the EU: is expertise the driving force?
  • Andrea Bianculli, Ana G. Juanatey, Jacint Jordana: Building audiences, balancing strategies: the case of nuclear energy regulation in Spain
  • Nicholas Dorn: Securities and insecurity: contested boundaries of private and public

Seminar Room 7 - Regulatory architectures and performance

Chair:   Oliver James and Ayako Nakamura


Seminar Room 8 - Autonomy of regulatory agencies in dynamic and complex networks of relationships

Chair:   Koen Verhoest and Jacint Jordana


  • Carolyn Jackson: New perspectives on agency independence: the interaction of regulatory context, stakeholder relationships and independence
  • Mathias Johannessen: Multi-level administration: when global and European orders meet
  • Caelesta Braun: The regulatory impact of a business crowd