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Once you have been recommended for award by your board of examiners you will need to submit your final thesis to Open Research Exeter (ORE) before your award can be formally approved.

ORE is the University's repository of all research carried out at Exeter. Depositing your thesis in the collection will ensure it is made publicly visible, or open access. There are many benefits of making your research papers and thesis available via open access.

Further information can be found here: Open Research Exeter (ORE).

Once you have received email confirmation that you have successfully deposited your thesis into ORE, the final stage in the award process is the formal approval of your award by the Vice Chancellor’s Executive Group (VCEG)

VCEG Award Lists for research students are prepared and signed by the Vice Chancellor every Monday throughout the year. Where the Monday is a Bank Holiday this will be done on the Tuesday. No VCEG will be held during the University Closure period at Christmas.

You will be sent an email by the Postgraduate Administration Office once your award has been formally approved.

International Students - Research students holding a valid Student or Tier 4 visa, who have completed a degree at a UK Higher Education Provider, are able to apply for a Graduate visa that allows them to remain in the UK and work, or look for work, for 3 years after they have completed a PhD.

For full details of the Graduate route including when to apply visit Graduate Route | International Student Support | University of Exeter

Your graduation day is a special occasion to celebrate your academic achievements at the University of Exeter.

The University will have a summer graduation, normally in July, in both Exeter and Cornwall, and a winter graduation, normally in December, in Exeter only.

Should your award date have already passed, or be in the run-up to the graduation dates you will be invited to register for the day via your Exeter and personal email address. It is important that you ensure you are eligible to graduate by having you award formally approved by the Vice Chancellor's Executive Group (VCEG) approximately one month before the date of the graduation, and any outstanding academic-related debt cleared approximately 2 weeks before the date of the graduation. Should either of requirements not be completed you will need to wait until the next graduation date.

For more information about Graduation Ceremonies and to register to attend please visit the Graduation website.

You can choose whether to receive your degree certificate at a Graduation Ceremony or in absentia which means that your certificate will be posted to your home address. It is important to note that your certificate can only be issued after the official date of award, and once you have received email confirmation from the Postgraduate Research Office.

Your certificate will display your full name, and the full details of your degree.

If you would like to attend a Winter Graduation Ceremony in December 2018 you must ensure that your examination has been completed and your final thesis submitted by Monday 5th November 2018.

For information about our Graduation Ceremonies and to register to attend please visit the Graduation website