Currently funded projects

Impact Cultivation

Professor Susan Banducci is collaborating with the intergovernmental organisation International IDEA to translate research on the impact of media coverage of women candidates in quota countries into policy recommendations; to translate findings into recommendations for consultation with developing democracies; and to develop new indicators for the successful implementation of quotas globally.

With the help of the ESRC IAA Prof Banducci will:

  •     Undertake several visits to International IDEA headquarters in Stockholm;
  •     Compare European data on media coverage of women with data from Latin American and African countries;
  •     Produce and promote a policy briefing paper on best practice in implementing quotas to promote equal treatment of candidates in the media during election campaigns.

Dr Beverley Hawkins is working with Lucy Jones, Head of Sixth Form at Queen Elizabeth's School, Crediton, to bring together a group of educational and other professionals interested in meeting the transitional challenges faced by sixth-form students moving towards Higher Education. Through workshops and focus groups for teachers and students the group plans to develop a 'teachers’ toolkit' aimed at developing sixth formers' leadership and organisation skills.

Research co-produced with The Sensory Trust has explored how older people describe their sensory experiences of the natural world and demonstrates that older people derive considerable pleasure and enjoyment from these experiences. The ESRC IAA is funding Dr Noreen Orr to organise a workshop to bring together the researchers, the Sensory Trust and representatives of healthcare and wellbeing sectors to discuss how to put the findings into practice and then to co-produce a training protocol for the Sensory Trust to use in its work.

Enhancing the impact of women’s global leadership training within and beyond the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS)

Dr Emma Jeanes and Dr William Harvey of the University’s Business School are working with WAGGGS on the redesign of its worldwide leadership programmes for women. The ESRC IAA funding will help Dr Jeanes and Dr Harvey to draw on their research into gender issues in leadership and organisational reputation to work with WAGGGS towards the development of a new global leadership training programme.

The research of Dr Joseph Lee explores the systems and processes of stock exchanges. He will use the ESRC IAA award to bring together representatives of the Taiwan Stock Exchange and other European stock exchanges to look at ways to develop interconnectedness in ways which will benefit investors.

Dr David Reinstein is researching altruism and charitable giving, particularly the question of whether people are more generous from future variable income and bonuses. The ESRC IAA will enable him to partner with organisations such as Barclays, Charities Aid Foundation, and Devon Wildlife Trust to test his ‘Give-if-you-Win' innovation, and influence fundraising and workplace giving practice.