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VIC: Volunteers In Communities: Enabling innovation in Cornwall's voluntary sector
Since 2010 Professor Catherine Leyshon and Dr Michael Leyshon have been working with Volunteer Cornwall to enable innovation in Cornwall’s voluntary sector. In the last couple of years this work has focused on the pioneering initiative of Living Well which provides tailored support for elderly people with long-term health conditions. This partnership programme involves Age UK Cornwall, Volunteer Cornwall, the NHS, paid staff and volunteers. Professor Catherine and Dr Michael Leyshon have been involved from the outset in the evaluation of this programme and contributed to the Nesta-commissioned Living Well evaluation report.

The ESRC IAA funding has afforded the opportunity to ensure this research has impact in the voluntary care sector, and in particular to communicate the recommendations on how to take advantage of the opportunities and address the challenges in delivering health care through community volunteering. The Volunteers in Communities team is working with Living Well partners to ensure recommendations are implemented. The key aims are to:

  • Contribute to the Kernow Clinical Commissioning Group’s process to enable Living Well to be commissioned across the county;
  • Co-create a set of guidelines for the training, organisation and retention of volunteers;
  • Inform and train Living Well partners to enhance skills and knowledge;
  • Increase wider policy understanding of the benefits of and barriers to effective integration of volunteers into the co-production of care for older people.