Currently funded projects

Social Policy Networks

The UK spends £11.5 billion on development assistance every year, and evaluation is necessary to understand the value and efficacy of this contribution. Dr Eleanor Gao aims to help the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and the Department for International Development (DfID) improve the evaluation of projects by initiating a network between the FCO, DfID, and academics who are experts in the usage of randomised control trials (RCTs). The ESRC IAA is funding Dr Gao to hold a workshop for FCO and DFID staff working on projects focused on the Middle East and North Africa region and academics, to identify challenges the FCO and DFID face in evaluation. 

Dr Ana Beduschi and Dr Nick Gill will work with Save the Children and the Network of Children’s Rights in Greece to organise a workshop for civil servants, legal practitioners and NGO and charity workers, to share and discuss research findings in the field of human rights, reception and detention of migrants in Europe. Through these discussions they aim to develop and enhance strategic relationships with major NGOs and legal practitioners working on the protection of migrant children and to inform practical approaches to the current refugee crisis.

Professor Jo Little is working to develop and co-ordinate discussions on the future use and provision of support services for victims of domestic and sexual violence in the South West. The ESRC IAA is funding Professor Little to work with policy makers and service providers to organise workshops to develop understanding of the complex needs of people experiencing domestic and sexual violence, and to inform new approaches to service re-design and re-commissioning.