Completed projects

Social Policy Networks

The ESRC IAA funded Professor Anne Barlow to bring together Ministry of Justice policymakers, relationship support and research and innovation agencies, family dispute resolution practitioner organisations and socio-legal academics, psychologists and software experts to:

  • Explore a 'joined-up' approach to online self-assessment and practitioner screening for mediation or other family dispute resolution processes;
  • Consider what would be needed to achieve a viable online tool, drawing on the experience of these partner agencies and information about the Dutch government's new 'Rechtwijzer 2' model for online family mediation.

Professor Barlow suggests that an online tool through which people and professionals can assess a couple's suitability for different processes might be a much-needed resource for separating couples and family practitioners. This work comes on the back of Professor Barlow having researched these issues with colleagues in her ESRC-funded project Mapping Paths to Family Justice.

The aim of this project, led by Dr Shane Fudge, was to bring together participants from the University, local government, the local community and charity to develop creative thinking around the longer-term future of community energy in Cornwall. This network is the basis for a longer-term programme to extend knowledge, expertise and capacity.

The ESRC IAA allowed Dr Fudge to work with the network on a programme to work towards practical strategies to address the main barriers, challenges and opportunities facing community groups and local organisations working on energy in Cornwall. 

The research of Professor Philip Stern looks at analysing and optimising buying behaviour and procurement. The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) spends £15bn per year buying products and services for the public sector. The ESRC IAA enabled Professor Stern to meet with managers at the CCS to explore how his research might be applied to the organisation’s procurement practice.

University of Exeter researchers are investigating interconnections between the environment, biodiversity, and human health and wellbeing. Cornwall Council hopes that this research, and especially research looking at Cornwall’s ecosystems and biodiversity, may help to inform the development of key Council policies such as the Open Space Strategy and Open Space Service Standards. The ESRC IAA funded a team led by Dr Benedict Wheeler to hold three workshops with Council representatives to work towards linking research evidence and policy.

Research by Dr Joanie Willett shows that the importance and implications of how places are imagined is often overlooked in policy, and that strategies for regional economic development need to consider how underperforming areas are perceived.  In order to develop a network to explore this issue with regard to Cornwall and in a way which can be applied to other regions, the ESRC IAA funded Dr Willett to spend time with organisations such as Cornwall Chamber of Commerce, Cornwall Development Company, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, and Cornwall Brussels Office.