Celebrating 10 years of European Research Council funding.

The projects featured in these podcasts were ERC funded

European Research Council Week

Celebrating 10 years of European Research Council funding

The European Research Council is celebrating its tenth anniversary in 2017, marking an important milestone in making Europe a global centre of excellence in research.

To celebrate the considerable impact the ERC has had and demonstrate the type of research its funded, we’ve produced a set of podcasts featuring University of Exeter academics.

Everyone is welcome to listen to and share the podcasts below:

On Monday 13 March we also hosted a public event and are pleased to share the following recordings from the event:

You can view the accompanying slides for these talks here: ERC Week Presentations - public talks.

In almost ten years the ERC has funded nearly 7000 researchers across Europe, with its support having been acknowledged in nearly 100,000 international scientific journals. The ERC is praised by the international scientific community for the quality of its evaluation system, for the scientific discoveries it funds, for the positive impact on global brain circulation, and for the prestige and autonomy it gives to researchers.

European Research Council funding

The ERC has funded 35 projects at the University of Exeter with a combined value of more than €55 million in the past 5 years, with topics ranging from astrophysics to obesity, and forest fires to historical memory. The University of Exeter consistently ranks in the top ten ERC funded institutions in the UK, ranking 8th in 2016. In four of the past five years the UK has had more ERC projects funded than any other participating country.

As an institution, we strongly believe in the power of international collaboration and are proud to have an exceptionally strong relationship with the ERC, which we look forward to continuing.