Facing climate risks

The insurance industry has benefited from storm modelling research conducted by the University of Exeter's storm risk research group.

The clustering of storms and correlation between different perils (eg, storms and floods) was investigated in the Regional Assessment of Climate impact on European WINdstorms (RACEWIN) project, and funded by the AXA Research Fund

RACEWIN Postdoctoral Researcher, Dr Theo Economou, and storm risk research group leader Prof David Stephenson discuss storms in this video:

AXA have partnered with the University on other environmental risk projects.

The effects of climate change adaptation on communities in Africa were investigated by Natasha Chamberlain in a three year project which started in 2010.

The results demonstrated the importance of incorporating local knowledge into adaptation planning and supporting traditional mechanisms such as social support, natural resource management and seasonal migration, while at the same time improving access to development such as education, healthcare and infrastructure.

The risks to fisheries from climate change are being investigated by Postdoctoral Fellow Cosima Porteus under the supervision of Dr Rod Wilson. The project is investigating the impacts of climate change on early life stages of commercially important sea bass.

The hypothesis being tested is that  CO2 disrupts the ability of young seabass to respond appropriately to chemical cues that they should avoid or navigate towards and the neurological mechanisms that might be involved.

AXA first worked with the University on a credit risk chain modelling project with the University of Exeter Business School, led by Prof Richard Harris.