Dementia: Life, Art, and Research, Dr Julia Teale and Dr Ola Kudlicka, Exeter Phoenix, Exeter

This event hosted by Dr Julia Teale and Dr Ola Kudlicka, focused on the topic of dementia in terms of lived experience, art, and research, including special guests Tony Husband and Professor Linda ClareTony Husband is an award-winning cartoonist, whose performance is centred on his recent illustrated story (“Take Care, Son”) which chronicles his father’s dementia with “loving charm and wit” (Stephen Fry). This personal account was used as a starting point for further discussion about dementia care. Professor Linda Clare is the director of the Centre for Research in Ageing and Cognitive Health (REACH) whose world-leading research on supporting well-being in dementia was featured on BBC’s Horizon.

Proper Victims? Public Salience and Sexual Offences, Dr Sarah Cooper, Exeter Castle, Exeter

This day-long workshop engaged students aged 16-18 in two cutting-edge social science problems: 

  • Does society expect ‘proper’ victims of sexual violence to appear a particular way?
  • And are we failing to protect victims that do not confirm this stereotype?

Certainly widespread institutional failure to believe the victims of sexual abuse is a recognised problem, endemic across multiple points of the justice system, and is a trend that has been well documented in the surrounding literature.  This vital civic issue was the focus of this one day event. The themes of Dr Sarah Cooper and Dr Owen Thomas’ research - centred on the policing of sexual violence, and the accountability of those operating within the justice system – were deliberated through an interactive simulation of a public inquiry.

Exploring the benefits of nature for blind and visually impaired people, Dr Cheryl Willis, Cliffden Hotel, Teignmouth

Dr Cheryl Willis held an outdoor, interactive workshop for adults who are blind or partially sighted to understand how they perceive, value and benefit from interactions at the coast.  Eleven individuals were identified through Royal National Institute for the Blind networks in the South West of England and were transported to Teignmouth beach where they took part in a series of activities to explore how people benefit from nature.

The focus was on how different senses enable these benefits and how people interpret them. This is particularly important in the absence of or reduced aesthetic appreciation of settings, and a need to understand how best to facilitate nature interactions for different groups in society.  Participants were then transported to nearby Cliffden Hotel for group discussion around memories of different environmental settings and the ways in which they promote well-being.

An App a Day Keeps the Doctor Away Dr Natalia Lawrence and Lucy Porter, Exeter Central Library, Exeter

This event explored the psychology of eating behaviour, what a healthy diet looks like, and how we can train our brain to make healthier food choices using computer games.

This was an interactive exhibition held by Dr Natalia Lawrence and Lucy Porter, PhD Researcher in Psychology, for families and young people explores healthy eating and how to resist temptation. The aim was to share the latest research on why we overeat and how we can boost our self-control in order to achieve a healthy diet.