+ Further help

For more information, please see the Isca wiki site or, for further assistance, email the Isca support team.

Isca access

All research active staff are able to access Isca, from any University of Exeter campus or via a VPN connection.
Registration for prospective users is easy, simply send an email to the Isca support team and your request will be processed as soon as possible. Once registered, users are able to submit jobs to the queue or request access to the virtualised environment.

Registration on the service lasts for one year and users may be asked to re-register annually. This helps ensure that the service is focussed on current users and resources are not assigned to individuals who are no longer active on the service.

To submit a job, users should be associated with a research project. Projects can be at any stage i.e. pre-award concepts through to post-award. The HPC system is linked to the University’s Research Projects Database (PAC) and so when PI’s and CoI’s access Isca they are automatically associated with their projects.

In the case where individuals are not yet associated with a project, e.g. a new Ph.D. student, then they can be added to the project record in PAC or the PI can add them to their group within the HPC system, see the Isca wiki for more information.

Workers from other institutions can be accommodated if they are working with an Exeter PI and have an honorary position.