For queries and support requests relating to Isca, such as requests to install software or to report a problem, please email the Isca support team.

Queries regarding the management of Isca, and the associated policies, should be referred to your College representative on the Advanced Research Computing Governance Group. This group is primarily responsible for establishing policy regarding Advanced Research Computing and assessing future needs and opportunities.

Please feel free to raise any comments or suggestions through your representative, listed below:

ARC Governance Group chair: Professor Richard Everson
College of Life and Environmental Sciences Dr Konrad Paszkiewicz; Professor Andrew Nicholas; Dr MD Sharma (Penryn); Dr David Studholme
College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences Professor Tim Harries; Dr Dave Acreman; Dr Martin Schreiber; Professor Geyong Min; Professor John Thuburn
College of Medicine and Health Dr Mike Weedon
The Business School Dr Nav Mustafee
College of Social Sciences and International Studies Dr Travis Coan
College of Humanities Professor Gabriella Giannachi; Gary Stringer
Exeter IT Alan Hill