An artist's impression of the Living Systems building.


Staff and students in Systems Biology have access to cutting edge research facilities.

Living Systems building

The Living Systems building is a £50million interdisciplinary research centre (due to open in March 2016) which will bring together life and physical scientists, engineers and mathematicians.

The researchers which will be looking at how biological systems work at all scales, from molecular to landscape, and offering solutions to the great challenges facing humanity – food security, access to clean water, effective healthcare – while maintaining, and remediating human induced damage to the environment.

Living Systems gallery

Our slideshow includes a number of artistic impressions of the interior and exterior of the Living Systems building.


Biosciences in the College of Life and Environmental Sciences has:

  • The Bioimaging Centre, which provides state of the art instrumentation and experienced staff to assist researchers and students to obtain high quality microscopy. 
  • The Mass Spectrometry facility, which offers rapid high resolution chromatography, photodiode array and fluorescence detectors.
  • Exeter Sequencing Service, which has state of the art high-throughput sequencing facilities, capable of generating billions of bases of high quality DNA sequence per run.