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Research-inspired learning as a theme in the Education Incubator.

We aim to use our research to inspire our students at Exeter and in turn allow them to inspire our research in innovative ways. Thanks to funding from the Research and Impact Strategy budget, we are supporting new projects which explore research-inspired learning. From participating in research field trips through presenting at academic conferences to developing new research-based resources for use in future modules, students’ learning is being inspired in new and exciting ways.


Research-inspired learning seminar

Wednesday 3 July, 2-3.30pm
Education Incubator Café

A showcase of Education Incubator-funded projects 2018/19, including Research-Inspired Learning projects. There will also be a chance to learn about the new Incubator projects 2019/20. This will be a fun, informative, carousel-style cafe event modelled on the 'knowledge cafe'. You will be invited to sit down with a Project Fellow at their cafe table for 10-15 minutes to discuss their work over tea and delicious scones. A bell will ring and you will move on to the next table. All welcome, please register online.
Amory C501, Streatham Campus

Research-inspired learning


Research-inspired learning is a key theme within the University’s Research and Impact Strategy and Education Strategy. Through research-inspired learning the University of Exeter aims to enhance the student experience by providing the opportunity for every student to learn with world-leading researchers and to extend the opportunities for students to learn in innovative ways through their own research and inquiry.

By identifying and sharing best practice we try to create a culture that bring teaching and research together as much as possible, aiming to embed research-led enquiry and discovery in all our programmes. We want to provide an environment where students have every opportunity to engage with research conversations, methods and ideas and through this engagement to develop their own research skills.

As a taster of the richness of our existing practice, you can find links to exemplars of research-inspired led learning enabled by recent Aspire Senior Fellows and Students' Guild Teaching Award winners.

Professor Miguel Fonseca

Engaging students with research within the curriculum.

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Professor Jo Gill

Innovative assessment to promote engagement with research

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Professor Stuart Bearhop

Engaging students with research-inspired learning

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