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Mikayla doll

A controversial “smart doll” has been reprogrammed to enlighten adults rather than potentially spying on children.

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Pouring beer

Telling people not to ‘down’ drinks could make them drink more

Campaigns designed to stop young people “bolting” drinks can make them more likely to do it, new research suggests. 

man and woman

Evolved masculine and feminine behaviour can be inherited from social environment – not just from genes

The different ways men and women behave, passed down from generation to generation, can be inherited from our social environment – not just from genes, experts have suggested.

Oyster fisherman

‘Inefficient’ sailing fleet keeps oyster fishery alive

Oyster stocks in a Cornish fishery are sustained thanks to “inefficient” traditional fishing methods, new research suggests.


Latest events

White Space / Blue Sky
A collaboration between the ESI's Prof Caitlin DeSilvey and artist Antony Lyons

IHR Seminar: "Making Sense of Health Research - an introduction"

Sep 8 Exeter Neuroscience Seminar: Causes and Consequences of Dementia

Building Our Research Impact
A One Day Workshop for all UEBS Impact Case Study Researchers and Interested Academics

Living Systems Institute Research Seminar: Dr Michael Smutny
Open to University of Exeter researchers

Exeter Locality Study Day