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Depositing datasets to ORE

Research datasets may be uploaded to Open Research Exeter (ORE). Data deposited in ORE will be actively curated. This may involve changing the format of the data to ensure long-term accessibility and reusability.

If you wish to upload datasets under 2GB to ORE, please deposit via Symplectic. Datasets greater than 2GB can be uploaded using the ORE Deposit Tool. Guidance on using this tool can be found in the ‌user guide, and if you require further assistance, please contact rdm@exeter.ac.uk 

The University of Exeter institutional repository, Open Research Exeter (ORE), will accept data from any research project undertaken at the University, but sometimes it may be more appropriate to deposit data in an external repository, data archive or data centre:

  • Your funder or journal may require you to offer your data to a particular archive.
  • There may be reference databases or data products (sometimes called 'structured repositories') for your discipline to which researchers are expected to contribute their data.
  • As a more general case of the above, data of a given type tend to be more visible in data centres that specialise in that type. Because of economies of scale, such centres are also able to take a more active role in curating the data than generalist archives.