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Edward Hone

Senior Research Software Engineer



Senior Research Software Engineer (SRSE) in the Research Software Engineering Group at Exeter.


Whilst studying for his PhD in astrophysics, Ed oversaw multiple research projects from the initial concept phase through to the final publication of scientific analysis and results. During this time, he worked as part of a team to create a suite of software tools using Python to reduce, analyse and create publication-quality visualisations of data. He also took on several teaching posts in the University’s physics department, such as teaching programming skills and demonstrating practical laboratory sessions.

In October 2019, Ed began working as a Scientific Software Engineer at the Met Office, working as part of the team developing LFRic, the software infrastructure for the Met Office’s next generation weather and climate model targeting exascale computer platforms. He played a key role in developing parallel I/O capability whilst also spearheading large scale refactoring efforts to improve the formulation and structure of existing code at high and low levels.



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