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Matthew West

Research Software Engineer

 Laver Building 701


Laver Building, University of Exeter, North Park Road, Exeter, EX4 4QE, UK


Matthew has an MSc (PhD ABD) in Physics from Syracuse University and a second later MSc from the University of Glasgow in Statistics.

During his time in Syracuse LIGO group, Matthew started out working on developing calibration hardware before shifting to focus on improving signal detection pipeline software. The development products were incorporated into the Advanced LIGO project, which has successfully detected more than fifty binary black-hole mergers since 2015.

His Statistics MSc thesis was spatial regression analysis of the 2016 EU referendum vote in England at the local authority level using ONS socioeconomic indicators as input data.

As a personal project, Matthew is working on standardizing the protocol for setting up a research computing pool of networked workstations. Using the HTCondor Software Suite along with a lightweight VM and software containers, researchers can utilize idle CPU/GPU cycles and scale their workload far larger than possible with a single machine.

In his free time, he enjoys disappearing out into the countryside in search of new gravel trails on his cyclocross bike.


Research interests

    SQL (Oracle, SQLite)

Software Development and QA     
    Version control
    Runtime environment containerization
    Workflow automation
    Integration and unit testing
    Pleasantly parallel job scaling

    Personal machines (laptops & workstations)
    Traditional HPC
    Distributed HTC

Research projects

Previous R&D projects     
    Bayesian spatial regression analysis
    Time series analysis (Time & Fourier domain)
    Large-scale workflow optimization
    ETL from RDBMS
    Laser hardware calibration


Supervision / Group

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