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ORCiD IDs are now mandatory for some funders and publishers, RCUK have indicated their support for ORCiD – it is very likely to be compulsory for the next REF.

ORCiD provides an open registry of unique researcher identifiers and open services to link research activities and organisations to these identifiers.

Professional associations such as The Royal Society, are incorporating ORCID iDs into membership renewal. This collaborative the need to enter of biographical and bibliographical data into multiple systems. Your ORCiD iD will belong to you throughout your scholarly career to distinguish you from other researchers and ensure consistent, reliable attribution of your work.

You can also use your ORCiD when applying for grants, submitting publications, or sharing your CV. Find out more on the ORCiD website.

Why you need an ORCiD ID

  • ORCiD is a data source on Symplectic and will help automate identification of your outputs.
    • Once configured Symplectic will periodically search ORCiD for your ‘works’ which have a DOI, PubMed ID or Scopus ID.
    • Using ORCiD IDs, Symplectic will automatically collect trusted metadata from either PubMed, Scopus or CrossRef.
  • Researchfish can now exchange data with ORCiD. If you already have an ORCiD account, you can use this to automate parts of your Researchfish submission.
  • RCUK Gateway to Research (GtR) will be displaying researchers ORCID iDs and a hyperlink to their ORCID profile. ORCID iDs will be displayed for any researcher who has connected their ORCID iD to their Je-S account and who has any completed or live research projects.
  • Major publishers will require ORCiD IDs for all authors in 2016: currently eLife, PLOS and the Royal Society. A further five have signalled intent to do so.
  • It is a requirement of funding from the Wellcome Trust.

How to set up an ORCiD ID

In Symplectic click 'configure' next to ORCiD in the My Data Sources list on the Symplectic front page.

Login with your ORCiD ID (if you already have one) or complete ORCiD's simple registration process ORCiD to connect Symplectic Elements to ORCiD.

ORCiD and Symplectic

Whilst Symplectic can receive information from ORCiD, Symplectic cannot yet talk to ORCiD. It is possible, however, to transfer data from Symplectic by downloading your information as a BibTeX file, which can then be uploaded into ORCiD.

Exporting BibTeX files from Symplectic

You can find links to export lists of publications in a range of formats in various places in Symplectic:

  • Your home screen - where each individual type, or all types of publications can be chosen.
  • Publications lists - where you can choose to export all your publications, or mark a number of publications and export these.
  • The workspace - where you can place your publications or those of others, and export a custom list.

How to link ORCiD to Symplectic

Elements and ORCID Integration from Symplectic on Vimeo.