Dr Linda Hurcombe (PI)

Department of Archaeology
University of Exeter

Experimental archaeology; prehistoric bast fibre textiles.

Dr Mark Paterson (CI)

Department of Geography
University of Exeter

Touch, haptics and the human-computer interface.

Prof Stephen Brewster (CI)

Department of Computing Science
University of Glasgow

Multimodal human-computer interaction; Senses in Touch II exhibit, Hunterian Museum, Glasgow; Touch Me exhibit, V&A Museum, London.

Prof Chris Gosden

School of Archaeology
University of Oxford

Honorary Curator, Pitt Rivers Museum; the long-term history of creativity, intelligence, the emotions, and aesthetics.

Dr Sile O'Modhrain

Sonic Arts Research Centre
Queens University, Belfast

Human-computer interfaces with haptic and auditory feedback under gestural control.

Dr Ian Summers

School of Physics
University of Exeter

Tactile interfaces; HAPTEX project on virtual textiles; ENACTIVE network on multimodal interfaces; Touch the Future public exhibit, Grenoble, 2007.

Other key participants

Prof Darwin Caldwell
Director, Department of Robotics
Italian Institute of Technology, Genova
Robotics and haptics; Visiting Professor at
Universities of Bangor, Manchester and
Dr Martin Cooper
National Conservation Centre, Liverpool
Laser scanning and modelling of artefacts;
haptic displays.
Dr John Gill
Royal National Institute of Blind People
RNIB Chief Scientist
Prof Janis Jefferies & Prof Robert Zimmer
Department of Computing
Goldsmiths College
Digital production in art-based textiles; digital
access to art and artefacts, including haptic
Prof. Lise Bender Jørgensen
Department of Archaeology
NTNU, Trondheim
Prehistoric textiles in Europe.
Brian McCarthy
Knowledge Transfer Organisation for
Technical Textiles (Part of ‘Materials’ KTN)
Dr Alison Sheridan
Archaeology Department
National Museums of Scotland, Edinburgh
Head of Early Prehistory.
Ann-Marie Shillito
Edinburgh College of Art
Design with haptic interfaces (Tacitus
Dr Martin White
Department of Informatics
University of Sussex
Digital heritage; multimodal interfaces;
virtual handling.