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Working with us

Opportunities for business and organisations

We help businesses and organisations of all sizes and from the private, public and voluntary sectors in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland with research or training needs in the sector.

If you are facing difficult questions in your organisation, we would like to work with you to find the answers.

Expertise at the Centre for Sport, Leisure and Tourism Research spans across disciplines and includes topics as diverse as sustainable tourism development, psychology of climate change communication, impact of stress on sporting performance and the management of corporate social responsibility in the tourism industry.

Whether your project is large or small, get in touch with us to discuss how we can work together.



Project funding and duration

Our research projects offer good value-for-money for external organisations. Through our core funding from the ESRC, we are often able to meet or exceed the funding contributions of our partners.

Our initial offering is:

  • 15 PhD CASE Award Studentships (all awarded)
  • 6 Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (still available)
  • 9 Business Vouchers (all awarded)
  • 2 Business Placements (both awarded)
 ProjectFundingDurationIdeal for:
PhD CASE Award Studentship
  • Business Partner contributes £4k per annum
  • ESRC contributes c.£19k per annum
 3 years Cutting edge research to be incorporated into commercial processes and systems
Knowledge Transfer Partnership
  • Business Partner contributes c.£35k (SMEs: c.£25k) per annum 
  • ESRC funds balance of the operating budget (c.£63k)
 1-3 years Strategically important projects that could benefit from accessing the knowledge and expertise contained within universities
Business Placements
Provided in whole by the ESRC (bursaries of up to £7,000 for students)  3 months Small, very focused projects
Business Vouchers
Provided in whole by the ESRC (worth £3,000) < 1 year Specilised, short-term projects



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