Co-creating Behaviour Change for Travel and Tourism: a scoping study



Project team

  • Dr Stewart Barr
  • Professor Gareth Shaw


Business Voucher

About the project

This project is exploring, through a series of meetings and an analysis of Uscreates’ business model, the opportunities for the business to develop a new market for its work within the context of climate change, travel and tourism. In particular, the academics (Barr, Shaw and Wooler) are making contributions. First, they are providing Uscreates with a briefing paper giving an overview of the key issues in travel and tourism policy / research, focusing on climate change as a central motivator for change. Second, on the basis of feedback on this paper from Uscreates, the academic team are presenting a number of options for extending the work of the business into travel and tourism, behaviour change, focusing on key dimensions related to sectors of potential work (eg different types of tourism providers, destination management organizations, tour operators, local authorities and NGO’s promoting travel and tourism behaviour change for sustainability).


In 2011 Dr Barr and Professor Shaw were awarded an ESRC Follow-On grant entitled "Social Marketing for Sustainability: developing a community of practice for co-creating behavioural change campaigns" with Uscreates as one of the project partners.