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The purpose of the studentship is to develop a dedicated method to establish the strength of adventurous off-road cycling as a regional tourism 'attractor'.

Economic Impact of Off-road Biking


The 1SW project

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Prof. Tim Coles
Prof. Gareth Shaw
Neil Ormerod (PhD researcher)


CASE Studentship

About the project

Adventurous off-road cycling is a key leisure pursuit within the UK, and it is still rapidly growing in popularity. For a region like the South West with a heavy emphasis on its environmental assets, off-road cycling offers an opportunity to broaden the tourism offer in both peak and off-peak periods. Plans are being finalised to develop off-road cycling in order to attract new markets, retain existing visitors for longer, spread pressure away from the coast, and increase visits outside peak season.

At the forefront of these plans, the 1SW project ( aims to ensure that the development and promotion of off-road cycling in the South West takes place in a co-ordinated way to benefit all. The purpose of the studentship is twofold, namely: to develop a dedicated method for better capturing the economic benefit to regional tourism of adventurous off-road cycling; and to establish the strength of the case for adventurous off-road cycling as a regional tourism 'attractor' as part of the wider regional tourism ‘offer’. One of the principal tasks facing the project is to make sense of the wide array of contested methods, techniques, approaches and guidance on the economic impacts of tourism, leisure and recreation.


Travel, Transport and Sustainability



'Revealing the Economic Value of Adventurous off‐road cycling as a Tourism Product: a Case‐Study of South West England'

Showcase Event
 08/06/2011 Presentation slides - Ormerod  Short podcast - Ormerod 


International Mountain Bike Association UK Conference 2010 - Observations

PhD researcher Neil Ormerod's review of the IMBA 2010 conference  
Word document download IMBA Conference Report