Vicki Stiles

Sport and Health Sciences research: Dr Stiles collecting biomechanical data

Exploring the potential of biomechanical analysis to enhance the service user experience



Exercise Science Consulting Ltd (ESC)

Project team

Dr Vicky Stiles 


Business Voucher

About the project

Through in-depth market research, this project assed the desirability and feasibility of small-scale exercise consultancy businesses offering biomechanical analysis along with other services. Biomechanics is a discipline within sports and exercise science that enables human movement to be studied for the purposes of injury prevention, understanding human movement when injured and aiding rehabilitation from injury. A biomechanical screening can therefore provide clients with an understanding of their lower limb movement during running. This information can be used to a) identify differences between right and left side running actions; b) inform specific strength and flexibility training programmes to address an imbalance and help prevent against injury; and c) to help inform suggestions regarding shoe type associated with particular running styles. Based on the outcomes of this project, Exercise Science Consulting Ltd was able to make an informed decision regarding which aspects of biomechanical analysis would be useful to include for the benefit of improving exercise support packages and service user satisfaction. As a result of this project, Exercise Science Consulting Ltd now offer biomechanical assessments as part of their services to sport and exercise clients.