Technology is used to improve golfers' putting
Eye tracking technology can markedly improve putting.

Gaze Control Analysis to Train Golfers


Hele Park Golf Club

Project team

  • Dr Mark Wilson
  • Dr Andy Richards
  • Dr Sam Vine


Business Voucher

About the project

Research has shown that gaze control is important for accurate motor control in a range of sporting and non sporting tasks. However most of the guidance given to performers of sports skills such as putting only focuses upon the motor control (i.e. swing mechanics and motion analysis). The importance of gaze control is being recognised in golf putting and as a result gaze training programmes are beginning to be used to improve putting performance. Using eye tracking to analyse a performer’s gaze and gaze training to improve it will allow customers at Hele Park to access a service that very few golf clubs in the world currently offer. Additionally, it will further current research on the role of gaze control and sporting performance. The project will aim to determine the potential economic benefits for a golf club offering such a service.



Journal articles


'Quiet eye training facilitates competitive putting performance in elite golfers'

Samuel J. Vine

Lee J. Moore

Mark R. Wilson 


Frontiers in Psychology  January 2011

Volume 2

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Media attention


 'Open golfers should put with a 'Quiet Eye''

 12 July 2010
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 'Putting can be improved, British researchers say'

 12 July 2010  CBC News