Tea Tverin is working with CHICKS to investigate the role of holidays and memory in young people.

Giving Children the Chance to be Children: the countryside, memory and identity



Project team

Dr. Michael Leyshon
Prof. Catherine Leyshon
Tea Tverin (PhD Researcher)


CASE Award

About the project

Young people’s leisure activities contribute to their social development and well being but the place of holidays in young people's lives tends to be overlooked by academics and policy-makers.  This is especially the case among disadvantaged young people who, for various reasons, do not enjoy a period of childhood characterised by play, fun, enjoyment and freedom from responsibility in which they grow and learn in an environment where they are safe from stress and harm. Little is understood about how such young people experience a holiday away from the problems of their everyday life.  In this research, we seek to understand the beneficial and therapeutic effects of holidays in the countryside for disadvantaged young people with respect to their senses of self, esteem, belonging and social inclusion.  We will explore whether positive and happy memories help to sustain young people when they return to every day life in the city.  The research will contribute deeper understanding of the lifestyles of marginalised young people, their needs and aspirations. It will provide much needed information on the ways in which young people negotiate access to resources and spaces and engender a sense of place that enable them to pursue a chosen life-course.


Health and Well-being
Environment and Landscape



'Giving Children the Chance to be Children: Memory, Identity and Holidays in the Countryside'

Presentations from the Showcase Event 08/06/2011
Presentation slides - Tverin
Short podcast - Tverin