Girl walking with surfboard
This project is investigating how targeted behaviour-change messages can encourage children's physical activity.

Social marketing for physical activity


Regional Legacy in Arts and Youth Sport (RELAYS)

Project team

Dr. Stewart Barr
Prof. Craig Williams
Samantha Parnell (PhD Researcher)

About the project

This research explores the relationships between children’s physical activity, health and fitness through the use of a social marketing approach. It seeks to use segmentation and branding techniques to provide targeted behaviour-change messages to specific elements of the population. The research investigates the differing barriers and motivations for adopting sustainable physical activity patterns in schools in the South West of England. The final outcome of the project will be an assessment of the potential for a social marketing approach to enhance physical activity amongst school-aged children. The research will involve as well as be of interest to head teachers, sports co-ordinators and policy makers.


Health and Well-being
Innovation, Knowledge Creation and Knowledge Transfer
Travel, Transport and Sustainability
Environment and Landscape


CASE Award