Social Marketing for Travel and Tourism: the potential for developing innovative technical solutions


CAG Consultants Ltd

Project team

  • Dr Stewart Barr
  • Professor Gareth Shaw


Business Voucher

About the project

Through combining the skills and knowledge from the research already undertaken by Exeter University and the skills in the application of organisational change and policy development from CAG Consultants, the project is exploring the potential of and opportunities for influencing change through the use of new technical solutions, including online, social networking and mobile responses to accelerate the speed of change and increase the uptake of change.

The project is focusing on business in the Leisure & Tourism sector, although some of the potential outputs may have wider application in other business sectors.


In 2011 Dr Barr and Professor Shaw were awarded an ESRC Follow-On grant entitled "Social Marketing for Sustainability: developing a community of practice for co-creating behavioural change campaigns" with CAG Consultants as one of the project partners.