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This research is investigating the cultural and economic impacts of second home ownership.

Tourism, community and sustainability: second home ownership


North Devon District Council

Project team

Dr. Stewart Barr
Dr. Sean Carter
Jenny Barnett (PhD Researcher)


CASE Award

About the project

This research explores the complex relationships between tourism, community and sustainability using the enduring issue of 'second homes' as a framing device. Responding to several policy and academic discourses, the research examines the role and impact of second home ownership on both house prices and communities within the context of statutory requirements for local authorities to progress a sustainable communities agenda. The research first reviews local authority, housing market area and regionally-based studies of the impact of second homes within England and Wales. It examines the impact of second home ownership on house prices and affordability within North Devon. It explores the socio-economic and cultural impact of second-home ownership in the Northern Peninsula area through quantitative and qualitative work with communities, decision-makers and stakeholders. Finally, it aims to develop best practice for developing sustainable community strategies in areas where there is a high proportion of second home ownership. The research will be undertaken at both a national and local scale, with contextual and comparative secondary data on the impacts of second homes being drawn from across England and Wales from housing need and market assessments. These data will be used to guide a primary research in North Devon. The research will therefore provide valuable national and local-level data on the impact of second home ownership and will suggest strategies that planning authorities and communities can adopt to mitigate the negative impacts of second home ownership.


Innovation, Knowledge Creation and Knowledge Transfer
Travel, Transport and Sustainability



'A place in the country – the contribution of second homes to North Devon communities'

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25 July 2011