Our current projects

We're currently working on developing BI reporting capabilities in the following:

  • PG Admissions Reports
  • Wastage
  • DLHE dataset
  • HESA dataset
  • Executive MI Pack

Our standard approach to each development project includes: 

  • A project-specific development team, with representation from the BI Team, the BI Technical Team in IT, and from the business area we're developing reports for.
  • Requirement-gathering, usually either through the business rep on the project team, or through an existing or bespoke user consultation group.
  • Prototyping of reports (this is often done using Excel rather than the BI tools in the first instance)
  • Development of reports in Cognos BI
  • User acceptance testing and training

For more information about how we work, or if you think we might be able to help you, please contact the BI Team