Academic Structure

Following a University wide consultation, the academic structure for use in internal reporting was updated in 2017.  This has been further updated in 2018 following a similar process, and was approved by VCEG in August 2018.

The table and report below provide a clear list of academic units at College, Discipline and Sub-discipline level which will help to provide consistency in reporting across University systems.  The 2017 VCEG paper is also shown to provide further context to the update process.

VCEG Organisational Structure Report from June 2017

Organisational Structure 2018/19‌ approved by VCEG August 2018

Stakeholders and System Leads updated July 2018

The next steps approved by VCEG are detailed below and PPBI are in the process of taking these forward:

  • Agree and define the process for amending the structure to change, create or remove disciplines and sub-disciplines. We propose that this process would be led by PPBI in consultation with IT and relevant services.
  • Explore the requirements in some systems for a more granular level structure (Tier 4, Tier 5, etc) and agree the process for deciding this structure. Currently the more granular level structure varies across systems and there may be a need to bring consistency to this across the institution. Further to discussions with Finance, IT and Governance and Compliance, we propose that PPBI serves as the institutional custodian of the agreed structure.
  • Following sign-off by VCEG System leads will be asked to implement the approved academic structure noting that all management reporting will be based upon the agreed organisational units.

If you have any questions or comments please contact Michelle Spruce of the Policy & Planning team.