The David Allen Hero/ine of the Year

An award for an individual who has made the best contribution to the University either by making a difference behind the scenes, or inspiring colleagues to do the best they can.

Lizzie Hustwayte Education and Student Experience
Jodie Davies Education and Student Experience
Jasmine Sharma FX Plus
Eli McCutchion Education and Student Experience
Anthony Partridge Campus Services

Excellent Service Award

Two shortlists have been drawn up in this category which celebrates staff who go the extra mile to deliver top quality service.

Best Support for staff

Allison Brett Education and Student Experience
Alison Macaulay Education and Student Experience
Thomas Adams Technical Services

Best support for students

NomineeServiceTeam members
Emma Birch Education and Student Experience  
FX Plus Timetabling Team FX Plus Rachel Bray; Lisa Butler; Rosie Lea; Vanessa Templeton
Patricia Barber Education and Student Experience  

Learning from Experience Award

An award for an individual or team who have learnt from experience and used it to improve practice.

NomineeService(s)Team members
Julie Tong Campus Services  
Stephen Haley Technical Services  
Josie Turner Education and Student Experience  
Business School PGT team Business School; Communication and Marketing Services; Education and Student Experience Lisa Bates; Alison Champernowne; Paul Collins; Sophie Fogden; Helen Freeman; Richard Hayman; Jane Knox; Nikki Padget; Sally Rutterford; Nick Southall
Nigel McAlwane FX Plus  

Outstanding Collaboration Award

An award for a successful and impactful external collaboration delivered by an individual or team.

NomineeService(s)Team members
Exeter Northcott Theatre refurbishment team Campus Services; Exeter IT; Exeter Northcott Theatre; Human Resources Rob Beringer; Aaron Delgado; Simon Eastley; Guy Head; John Howkins; Bernard Ireson; Paul Jepson; Mike Pinn; Roger Snelling; Andrew Wayland
Innovation Exeter Innovation, Impact, and Business; Research Support Chris Evans; Ben Neild; Andy Richards; Dawn Scott
Royal Cornwall Show team College Services; Communication and Marketing Services; Education and Student Experience; Finance Services; Global Engagement and Development Antonia Coppen; Gail Eastaugh; Vic Fry; Laura Hames; Caitlin Kight; Lou Misselbrook; George Moore; Jez Prins; Duncan Sandes; Alex Smalley; Rebecca Takeda-Frost; Josie Turner; Sarah Warren; Steph Wheeler; David Watson; Claire Yelland
Alex Khan Exeter IT  
Lucy Lofthouse and Marcus Mitchell (RILD building) Medical School; Technical Services  

Outstanding Project of the Year

An award for an outstanding project or cross-service collaboration which has had significant impact on the University, Service, or College.

NomineeService(s)Team members
iExeter App Communication and Marketing Services; Exeter IT Max Goss; Ben Richards
Higher Education Achievement Report team Campus Services; Education and Student Experience; Exeter IT; FXU; Students' Guild Jon Boyes; Steve Gibson; Alison Macaulay; Jeremy Miller; Charlotte Raymont; Hanna Royle; Lisa Sandercock
Exeter Progression Education and Student Experience Melissa Ruddock (programme lead)
Students as Change Agents Education and Student Experience; Governance and Compliance Magda Cassidy; Thomas Crosswell; Jake Hibberd; Gemma Stiling; Stephanie Wheeler
Penryn BSc Business Programme Team Business School; Communication and Marketing Services; Education and Student Experience Ali Bearhop; Nik Farrant; Sophie Fogden; Helen Freeman; Jane Knox; Jo Thacker

The Roddy Ross Award for Innovation

An award for an individual or team who have shown great creativity and innovation to develop a new way of working.

NomineeService(s)Team members
Rebecca Adams Innovation, Impact, and Business  
Learning Spaces Support Team Exeter IT Alex Barlow; Rob Beringer; Andy Cutler; Jon Davis; Aaron Delgado; Michael Farley; Bryan Flockhart; James Flockhart; Martin Gregory; Richard Hammond; Brian Hodges; Marc Ingram; Jamie Kitson; Mike Nicholas; George Petrou; Norman Plumb; Darren Rich; Mark Waterhouse; Patrick Wilkinson
Internal Communications Team Communication and Marketing Services Lindsay Aitken; Abi Dixon; Lisa Littlechild; Sarah Shorrock; Nich Turner
Cornwall Education Services Education and Student Experience Gail Reeves; Charlotte Bailey; Catriona Bell; Suzie Catlin; Jane Channon; Monique Clark; Hayley Edwards; Kath Edwards; Nik Farrant; Liz Fath; Jill Gray; Ruth Grimmer; Claire Guy; Kellie Hodge; Jamie Horsley; Ashley Johnson; Hayley McCormack; Richard Prest; Jo Shepherd; Caroline Simons; Terri Stoddern; Jo Thacker; Bea Underwood; Laura Vaughan; Fiona Williams

Wellbeing Award

An award to recognise a colleague or team who have championed staff or student wellbeing.

NomineeServiceTeam members
Admissions Wellbeing Team Education and Student Experience Jo Hamilton; Sarah Magee; Catherine Ryan; Roxanne Tabor
Laura Baxter Education and Student Experience  
Susan Margetts Education and Student Experience  
Louise Misselbrook Communication and Marketing Services  
Catriona Bell Education and Student Experience