Praise for PS Colleagues at the Professional Services Recognition Awards 2017

Congratulations to all our Professional Services colleagues.

A huge congratulations is in order for all of our Professional Services colleagues who, as demonstrated at this year's Professional Services Recognition Awards, make a huge contribution to the University. 

See below just a few of the kind words that the academic colleagues, who presented awards, said about the Professional Services colleagues and the work they do at the University.

Mark Levine (Ph.D), Professor of Social Psychology, Head of Psychology:

“My academic colleagues and I are grateful each and every day for the tremendous support provided by professional services colleagues across the University. You are the vital force that hold the institution together. Thanks again for all that you do.”

Professor Noel G Morgan, Director, Institute of Biomedical & Clinical Science:

“Collaboration is central to everything we do as a University community and the collaborative contributions of colleagues across Professional Services are critical to our success; huge congratulations are due to everyone who has made this success possible.” 

Professor David Hosken, Dean Strategic Development, Cornwall:

"It was a great pleasure to present the Community Award because community is what makes our University, the University of Exeter, great.  Our sense of community, of working together, of all being part of one big team. And our nominees exemplify this strong sense of the Exeter community."

Richard Edwards, Senior Lecturer, Head of School, University of Exeter Law School:

"Professional Services colleagues are the keystone in the University. Without their hard work and dedication the University would simply not work. The awards dinner is a terrific way for us to celebrate and recognise that. In short, it was a wonderful evening for wonderful people."


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