Professional Services Recognition Awards Winners 2019

Congratulations to our 2019 winners.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2019 Professional Services Recognition Awards - find out who won, and why, below. Thank you to everyone for participating and celebrating the achievements of our Professional Services, colleagues can see photos from the awards ceremony and videos of the shortlisted nominees on a sharepoint site

The winners are:

Category Winner

Cecilia Manosa Nyblon

Cecilia has won this award for leading by example in inspiring others to change the world one step at a time in the most enthusiastic and positive way whilst growing the CMH CPD programme to be a success both here in Exeter and abroad. She organised a successful conference on ‘Waking up to Climate Change’, and works closely with academic and clinical collaborators to create events that will attract attendees from around the world. Cecilia always pursues her professional growth, and desires to go BIG in everything she does. 


NMC Nursing Accreditation team 

The NMC Nursing Accreditation team has won this award for their outstanding teamwork, achieving the NMC Nursing accreditation in pressurised circumstances. Each individual within the team contributed to the success of the achieving the accreditation through the management, writing, identification, organisation and uploading of 200 individual QA narratives, 621 evidence documents and 10,000 keywords linked to each narrative and evidence. Working closely with academic colleagues, their work meant that the course was recommended for approval without conditions.


Degree Apprenticeships team

The Degree Apprenticeships team has worked tirelessly to achieve outstanding results through University-wide collaboration.  In the last year, the team has supported colleges to deliver 359 new apprenticeship places; worked to plan provision worth £27m as part of its five year business plan, and brought in a range of contracts including £13m with JP Morgan. This team’s impact is demonstrated through significant growth in apprenticeships and through partnerships with industry including international organisations and many regional SMEs.


Sue O’Hara

Sue embodies the university value of ‘community’.  The events that she runs (Diwali, Chinese New Year, Welcome Week, Christmas Meal) engage and involve staff and students from the University, and also stakeholders in the wider Exeter and Devon Community, breaking down barriers so everyone feels part of "One Exeter". This year Sue also ran a fantastically successful food donation campaign for Exeter FoodBank, which led to teams throughout the university having a donation box for colleagues and students to contribute. As well as the incredible 1.6 tonnes of food, Sue collected more than 100 coats and outerwear for homeless shelters in our community.


Paul Brookes

Paul has won the award for impact due to providing exceptional training, support and solution focused guidance as well as improving work of the One Cleaning team and other stakeholders. Paul’s work has contributed to Campus Services’ Training Academy being recognised as one of the best training academies in the country, and he has worked tirelessly to put University of Exeter Training Centre on the national excellence map. 


Lizzie Sherwood

Lizzie is the Exeter Access Centre Manager that externally assesses students for their Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA). She has won the award for Rigour for successfully leading the Exeter Access Centre through its most recent audit cycle with 100% compliance. She has actively supported her team of nine assessors with multiple disabilities to grow their skills and experience and this is reflected in excellent student feedback. Lizzie diligently managed to advocate the national regulator to include her Centre, for the first time, in a national pilot for a revolutionising online portal with a particular focus on assistive technology software that her assessors already use.

Apprentice of the Year

Amelia Ware

Amelia is our Apprentice of the Year for going above and beyond to ensure the smooth running of courses in People Development, providing excellent customer service every day, and having a great positive impact on her team. She deals with anything which comes in at the last minute with a positive, can-do attitude, and took on the challenge of working in an office after coming from the retail sector, learning new skills needed for her new role very quickly. Amelia also built excellent relationships with our Learning & Development Managers, which in turn has enabled them to step back from some of the day to day issues, and her willingness to learn has shone through.  

Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity

Rachel Winzer and Jen Fook

Rachel and Jen have won the award for Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity for their amazing contributions to the Provost Commission. They have worked tirelessly to support the Provost Commission since its launch in challenging circumstances in May 2018. Both Rachel and Jen have shown great project management skills, compassion, dedication and exceptional collegiality to help ensure the development and implementation of new approaches, events, initiatives and policies to ensure we are an open, diverse and safe university community for all. They work quietly in the background enabling others to step forward, come together and navigate this challenging territory.

The Roddy Ross Award for Innovation

Hubs Project

The Hubs Project team has brought a step change to the student experience by creating local centres offering expert help and advice, refreshments and study space where students want it, how they want it and when they want it. This innovative development of a single, consistent flexible front line student service that is accessible and resilient is critical to the continuation of Exeter’s excellent student experience. The hubs project team made a creative and innovative difference because it blended cultural change with infrastructure, process and organisation change and all the time never lost sight of the need to engage with students and academics.

The David Allen Hero/ine of the Year

Catriona Taylor, Education and Student Support (Penryn)

Catriona has won this award for the fantastic leadership of the Education team in Penryn. She provides outstanding support for both colleagues and students; is the go-to person for any student-related queries and always supports in a helpful, efficient and pragmatic way. Catriona is always willing to listen to academics and discuss ways to better support education goals. She is also highly strategic and is very quick to spot potential areas of concern before they become a problem. Her colleagues feel very reassured working with her and appreciated the huge positive difference she makes to working at the university. 

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