Organising team

The PSRAs are being chaired by Sean Fielding, Director of Innovation, Business, and Impact with input from the following cross-service team:

  • Michelle Brunton, FX Plus
  • Sean Fielding (Chair), Impact, Innovation and Business
  • Carole Fitzgerald, Communications and Marketing Services
  • Helen Freeman, Medical School
  • Louise Harris, College of Engineering, Mathematics, and Physical Sciences
  • Sophie Hawkes, Human Resources
  • Pete Hodges, Research and Knowledge Transfer
  • Eleanor James, Research and Knowledge Transfer
  • Alexandra Penn, Campus Services
  • Phil Rees-Jones, Campus Services
  • Jenna Richards, Communications and Marketing Services / Research and Knowledge Transfer
  • Stephanie Skates, Research and Knowledge Transfer
  • Catherine Wolfgang, College of Life and Environmental Sciences


The Professional Services Recognition Awards will be awarded through the following panel process:

  1. Sub-panels will shortlist entries in each category and recommend a winner(s). Sub-panels are comprised of volunteers drawn from across services and campuses.
  2. A super-panel chaired by Sarah Turvill, Chair of Council, will have final oversight of all categories, except for:
    • The David Allen Hero/ine of the Year award (which will be selected by David Allen).
    • The Excellent Service Award. Students and staff will be able to vote for two outstanding individuals/teams in this category for their respective area from a shortlist of nominees.

The super panel members are:

  • Sarah Turvill, Chair of University Council (Panel Chair)
  • Professor Mark Goodwin, Deputy Vice-Chancellor
  • Niamh Lamond, Chief Executive of FX Plus
  • Jacqui Marshall, Interim Chief Operating Officer
  • Laura-Jane Tiley, President of the Students' Guild
  • Sally Turner, Professional Services Representative on University Council*

*Sally has been invited to observe all the sub-panel meetings outlined below to ensure transparency and consistency.

The sub-panel teams are:

David Allen Hero/ine of the Year David Allen (Chair), Sophie Hawkes (HR), Jem Squires (CEMPS), Doreen Pinfold (FX Plus)
Roddy Ross Award for Innovation Gill Preston (Chair, Organisation Development), Helen Freeman (Communications), Rob O'Neale (CEMPS), Alex Huke (IIB)
Project of the Year Sean Fielding (Chair, IIB), MD Sharma (CLES Penryn), Dani Murtagh (CLES), Phil Rees-Jones (Campus Services)
Learning from Experience Award Jilly Court (Chair, CEMPS), Lindsay Aitken (Communications), Cat Hardy (Planning), Kirsty Mushing (UEMS)
Excellent Service Award Hannah Rundle (Chair, HUMS), Ali Haggett (academic), Ben Tao (international student), Katie O'Connor (Students' Guild), Peta Foxall (academic)
Outstanding Collaboration Award Nick Church (Chair, UEMS), Siobhan White (Business School), Emma McFadyen (GED), Nick Gillon (Campus Services)
Wellbeing Award Kate Lindsell (HR), Julia Southcott (SSIS), Andy Robinson (CLES), David Dickinson (FX Plus)

Contact us

If you have any questions, please contact a member of the PSRA organising team:


Phone: 01392 722321