Amy Campbell

Senior Wildlife Technician, CLES Penryn

Amy has been nominated because she has made an enormous difference to the way the research in CLES runs. Behind the scenes, she is tireless in her efforts to improve the way the laboratory works, helping students to overcome difficult technical challenges, providing support and advice whenever it's needed and striving to find ways to improve Penryn's technical services, far beyond expectations. Amy is quick to act and innovate, rapidly making a difference to the research on the ground. Whatever the challenge, Amy delivers every time, going above and beyond to make a difference to those working in the lab.

Penryn Campus Shop Team

FX Plus

The Penryn Campus Shop Team has been nominated because they have experienced lots of challenges this year and have overcome them all. Having moved into a new building for the shop last academic year, they were still dealing with various issues related to that. In addition to the challenges that came with moving location, the amount of students using the shop rose drastically at the beginning of the year. Due to this new influx of customers, deliveries began to get bigger and staff and managers developed a system to ensure that the deliveries were scanned in and put out as fast as possible whilst still maintaining excellent customer service. Lastly, despite its size the shop is extremely organised so customers can find things easily. It is a challenge itself just to try and keep the shop organised and full due to the influx of customers but each member of staff does this to a high standard. Despite all the challenges faced by the Campus Shop Team they always maintain an upbeat, positive attitude and prioritize excellent customer service above all else.

Daniela Farina

Lab Manager, CLES Penryn

Daniela has been nominated because has transformed her lab in the ESI, including greatly improving the lab spaces, health and safety procedures and documentation. The ESI has faced numerous challenges with regards to equipment break-down, lack of infrastructure and limited lab organization but Daniela has met this challenge head on and improved the way ESI labs work. Daniela's hard work has been key to the success of the Microbiology labs in the ESI and her dedication has been extremely important to keep the labs running, despite its numerous technical failures, and to make it a more pleasant and safer working environment.