Dawn Scott, Helen Butler, Alex Huke


They have been nominated because they have provided truly exceptional and exemplary support for the bid from Exeter for the first ever Environmental Science Impact Programme (ESIP) award. Their experience and professionalism provided the vital ingredients to help bring together an amazing collaboration across more than 40 Business and Policy partners and convince them to invest well over £11million of additional funding into this bid. Despite no less than 27 competing bids, the Exeter team proved that they were the national leaders in the generation of impact and won this award with their South west Environment and Economy Partnership (SWEEP) bid. The support provided by Dawn, Helen and Alex was crucial in securing this funding.

Dawn Lees, Steve Wallers, Jen Hardwick, Ian Osborne, Josie Turner, Jo McCreedie

Student Employability and Academic Success

They have been nominated for their work in enhancing Student Employability and thus enhancing the University’s reputation. The team have worked exceptionally hard to develop partnerships with high profile companies to provide internship opportunities such as IBM, Jaguar Landover, The Met Office and Wilmott Dixon. Their work on the Green Consultants programme, which is an innovative and experiential programme open to all students at the University of Exeter who have limited experience and exposure to employment opportunities in the environmental sector, has been exceptional and has demonstrated their huge support for innovation in the curriculum and supports the University’s education strategy.

Ruth Grimmer

Head of Professional Services, PS Cornwall

Ruth has been nominated for her role in lifting the cap on student numbers on the Penryn campus. Without the relationships Ruth has formed over the years, it is likely that more councillors would have voted against the application. The recent community engagement sessions, initiated by Ruth, have begun an open and transparent dialogue with community members, which the University hopes will build trust, and increase our opportunities together. Whilst some of the community issues are not immediately resolvable, those that have engaged with us at these sessions have been mostly positive about Exeter University, and this is partly because of the willingness to have a one-to-one honest dialogue. Over time, this will hopefully build bridges and continue to improve community relationships which reflects the impact that Ruth’s work has had.