Decision making

Recommendations on Merit Awards and Contribution Points will be made by Panels within Colleges and Services. Award Panels in Colleges will comprise the relevant:

  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor
  • HR Business Partner
  • College Dean
  • College Manager

In Services, the panel will comprise of the relevant:

  • Head of Service
  • another senior member(s) of the Service
  • HR Manager/Advisor

The Panel’s proposals for Awards will be put forward by the College Dean/Head of Service to the College Management Committee and equivalent body in Services for their endorsement.

To ensure that trade union representatives are assured about the fairness of the decision-making process, trade union representatives will be entitled to attend meetings of Merit Award Panels on a selective basis to audit the process. They will also be entitled to receive lists annually of awards made. Exceptionally, Chairs of Panels may be asked able to explain their decisions to trade union representatives.

Members of Merit Award Panels (including, where appropriate, trade union representatives) are required to observe complete confidentiality regarding their discussions about individual employees.

  • Recommendations of Award Panels for Colleges will be reviewed by the Vice Chancellor, the line manager Deputy Vice Chancellor and the Director of Human Resources.
  • Recommendations of the Award Panels for the Professional Services will be reviewed by the Registrar and Secretary and the Director of Human Resources.

The purpose of the review is for the senior management of the University to be satisfied that the process applied by the College/Service reflects the priorities of the Institutional Strategy and Business Plan and meets the University's standards and principles for Merit Awards and Contribution Points. This review will also consider any concerns raised by trade union representatives.

A report on merit awards will be made to Staff Liaison Committee and the Vice-Chancellor’s Executive Group each year together with any suggested refinements to the process in the light of experience.