Progression points

'Normal' annual progression through the Grade

Under the agreed Conditions of Employment, 'Subject to satisfactory performance, and subject to a minimum of six months’ service in the grade, increments are payable on 1 August each year until the top progression point of the grade is reached.’

‘Normal’ increments are awarded where the performance of an employee is assessed as ‘satisfactory’. Annual progression through the ‘normal progression range’ is conditional upon the employee fully meeting the requirements of their role.

Where a College/Service intends to withhold an increment on the grounds that performance is unsatisfactory, it will be necessary for this to be evidenced. The evidence might include attendance and disciplinary record as well as the outcome of the Performance and Development Review. The employee will have a right of appeal through the Grievance Procedure.

Accelerated progression through the normal progression points of the grade will only be approved (by the Director of Human Resources and the relevant Deputy Vice-Chancellor or Registrar, upon the recommendation of a College Dean/Head of Service) as a retention measure or where required by issues of equity.