Grading a new post

When a new post is created within a College or Service, Human Resources must evaluate the role to ascertain what the salary will be via the HERA process. This may not always require the completion of a new questionnaire, but will always require a full job description of the post. There are three possible starting points for evaluating a role:

Manager/HR Business Partner is aware of a similar role within the University

If the manager is aware of a similar role which is not necessarily identical but has elements that could be matched, then the HR Business Partner will supply the existing HERA questionnaire and a new HERA job evaluation questionnaire to the manager.  The manager will complete any sections where there are differences from the original form. Be aware that amendments made to the questionnaire may effect the grading of the post.

Return the matching questionnaire (where relevant) amended questionnaire, job description, person spec and structure chart to the HR Business Partner. Where appropriate, the HR Business Partner may hold an 'analysis' interview with the manager.

The HR Business Partner will score the questionnaire, taking account of precedent. The questionnaire, job description, person spec, structure chart, additional full and accurate written evidence from HR Business Partner/Manager and scoring sheet to be verified by another HR Business Partner (who should not be responsible for the area in which the post is located).

Once scored the HR Business Partner will let the Manager know the outcome, at which time an SR1 can be completed for the new post.

Please see the Recruitment and Selection pages for more information on the SR1 process.

New role is identical to an existing role within the University

Following discussion with the appropriate HR Business Partner, if the new role or role for regrading is an exact match to an existing role, then the SR1 can be completed and the normal approval process can be followed.

No identical or similar role exists, or the evaluation is employee-led

If a manager has requested an evaluation for a unique role where there is not a similar or identical role within the university then the manager should complete a HERA job evaluation questionnaire in full and submit it to the appropriate HR Business Partner for evaluation.

Further information

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