Financial support for external learning

Fee payment

We are committed to ensure that you have the opportunity to develop yourself by acquiring skills and knowledge for your job role. In particular, if you need to undertake training which is directly relevant to your work (excluding conferences) or complete an accredited programme of study which leads to a qualification, guidance about the level of support you can expect is provided below:

  • You should discuss the training you wish to undertake at your Performance and Development Review (PDR) in the first instance and seek agreement for any related expenditure
  • You will need to have worked at the University for one year, unless it has been agreed during the recruitment process that you should undertake the training at an earlier stage
  • Financial assistance towards course fees will be offered at the discretion of the College Dean or Head of Professional Service; it is not a contractual entitlement. The number of applications that a College or Professional Service can support may be limited by budget constraints
  • You will be responsible for the payment of any repeat course and examination fees
  • If you leave the employment of the University, for any reason, within 12 months of completing the programme/course of study, 50% of the fees will be recoverable by the University. If you leave before completing the programme, you will be required to repay 100%
  • You will be given paid time off to take examinations forming part of the approved course of study. You will also be given ½ day paid study leave for each examination
  • The University will not reimburse the purchase of books which are not included in the fee
  • Time off work to attend training events or a course of study will be at the discretion of the Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Executive Dean or Head of Professional Service (up to 10 days in any University term). Travelling expenses will not normally be paid

In exceptional cases where some variation to this policy is required, contact the Head of People Development first to seek agreement.

How do I apply?

If you wish to make an application for support towards external learning and development, please use the Fee Payment Form and submit it to your line manager.
Your manager should retain a signed copy for future reference.