Booking training

Once you have read the description of a course and decided you would like to attend (and have secured any permissions you need), you will see a link at the bottom of the course page which will take you to the online booking system in iTrent. You will be asked to login and then can choose the date you would like to attend.

Once you have booked onto a course, it will automatically appear in your Personal Learning Account (see below). This will include a link to details of the course, including timings and venue and an Outlook invitation will also be sent to your Outlook Calendar.

If the date is inconvenient or there is no scheduled date appearing, you can book yourself on a waiting list, by clicking on "add your name to the waiting list" at the bottom of the page.

If there are no dates listed for the course you want to attend, or the dates listed are not convenient, you can add yourself to the waiting list by clicking on "Add to waiting list" at the bottom of the page.

You will be informed of new dates available by People Development so you may then book a place.  

Please note that currently iTrent requires you to remove yourself from the waiting list, we anticipate that this will be rectified in the future.

If you cannot find the course you want to attend, please contact People Development and we'll try to advise on alternative internal courses, resources or suggest suitable external alternatives.

If you booked onto a course by mistake or need to cancel your attendance, go to your Personal Learning Account on iTrent Self Service, select the event you are registered for and then click on ‘Cancel’.  Please note the cancellation policy.


Training records

You may want a record of all your training for discussions with your manager e.g. when you are about to have a probation or Performance and Development Review (PDR) meeting. When you attend one of our courses, it will be automatically recorded in your Personal Learning Account. This can be accessed via iTrent Self Service.

You can add other courses you’ve attended (e.g. external courses or programmes) by following the instructions in the Personal learning account - quick start guide (PDF).

The actual cost of the course will be listed in your Personal Learning Account, but please ignore this as this will not be payable by your department.

Only full members of University staff (i.e. those staff on our main payroll, not staff paid by claims or on Temporary Staff Bank) will be able to log in to iTrent.

If you are having difficulties logging in to iTrent Self Service please contact SID. If you are working with us through the Temporary Staff Bank, you will need to register for training via the Temporary Staff Bank.


Information for managers and supervisors

Your staff member's personal learning account (training record)

You can find the training records of staff who report to you by logging into iTrent People Manager: full instructions can be found in our People Manager - booking learning events for staff members guide (PDF)

Booking training on their behalf

We recommend that individuals book themselves on learning events by reading the full details of the relevant course page so they are sure they know if they are eligible, if the learning objectives match their expectations and so on. Then, when they have decided to proceed, the link to the online booking system is always at the foot of the page, along with the link to the waiting list button which is useful if the dates are not convenient or no scheduled dates appear.

Once they have booked onto the course, this will automatically log the course in their Outlook calendar and send them diary reminders.

If you have a member of staff without access to a computer, you can book on their behalf through People Manager: please see our People Manager - booking learning events for staff members guide (PDF)


Creating a new training course

If you wish to design and deliver your own course and would like advice or assistance, please refer to the guidance about Planning new training

New training that you consider to be mandatory for all staff or a particular role must follow the procedure at Planning new mandatory training.  We also have further guidance about developing Remote Training.