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One to One Support

One to one support

Why we're not just about courses.....

The '70:20:10 Model for Learning and Development' was created in the 1980s by McCall, Lombardo and Eichinger (Center for Creative Leadership). With the warning that it should be seen as a general guideline not a strict formula, it is commonly used to describe the optimal sources of learning by successful managers and challenges organisations to rethink their provision as it holds that individuals obtain only 10% of their learning through formal events including online courses.

The majority (or around 70%) of learning comes through job-related and hands-on experience to help you make decisions, address challenges and interact with others, learn from your mistakes and receive immediate feedback on your performance.

Around 20% comes from social learning with colleagues including coaching, mentoring, collaborative learning and other methods of interaction with peers. Encouragement and feedback are prime benefits of this valuable learning approach. See:

We know from experience that these more informal methods help people reflect upon and make sense of their role and the challenges they are facing. They often have a greater and longer lasting effect and we will continue to diversify our provision.

Here are some informal development opportunities already in place:

Gaining Feedback: 

  1. To help you receive feedback as a manager/supervisor, you may be interested in our support for 360 reviews
  2. Another way of increasing your self-awareness is through diagnostics and psychometrics

Social learning:

  1. We have a good deal of information on mentoring or coaching support.
  2. We are also planning on developing a number of networks and communities of practice.