Case studies of assessment and feedback practice

Business School - Marketing - 'Consuming the Da Vinci Code'

Contact: Dr Alan Bradshaw

This module introduces students to alternative understandings of marketing in terms of what it is, how it functions and how it impacts on society and culture.

After several weeks of lectures, students are trained in a method known as ‘introspective writing’. They are then required to submit an essay, entirely of their own style and of any length, which is uploaded onto WebCT (with names removed) and made accessible to the entire group.

The essay concerns their experiences, and especially their emotions, in the context of ‘consuming’ or ‘not consuming’ the Da Vinci Code. This huge collection of essays then becomes the raw data for student projects. (The Da Vinci Code was selected because it is a perfect example of a mass-market phenomenon embodying the huge hit, the film, the myriad of products.)

During the course, lectures are provided on relevant themes, but direct links are not made and students are encouraged to independently make connections between theory, text and their own readings of the data. Students can explore the consumption of the product and its relevance for any industry, product, brand, strategic plan, cultural phenomenon, economic problem, demographic trend, multicultural contrast, or global issue, according to their own interests.