Case studies of assessment and feedback practice

SALL - Applied Drama 'Runaway'

Contact: John Somers

Students were introduced to a theoretical framework and particular use of Applied Drama - the making of an interactive theatre programme for performance in Exeter secondary schools.

Students had substantial contact with two outside agencies: the Missing Persons’ Unit of Devon and Cornwall Police, and Pangaea TV, based in Exeter.

Students also designed introductory materials to be used by school pupils in the week before visits, and follow up material to support continued learning.

Throughout the module, students were enabled to learn in a variety of ways: they were involved in enquiry-led learning (starting with extensive research on the topic over the summer vacation), they actively engaged with a community-based project, were pushed into linking theory to practice and generating theory, and expanding their understanding of drama.

In order to explore and develop their learning from experience, students wrote a journal and were specifically encouraged to make meaning (through reflection) of the whole experience. Students were assessed on their involvement in the project, the production itself and ensuing DVD, as well as the quality of their reflection.

Case study