Case studies of assessment and feedback practice

Education - Childhood and Youth Studies - Health and Relationships

Contact: Kate Mannion

In order to promote the linking of theory to practice, theoretical models of personal, social and health education are introduced to students within a wider context of sociological theory. Professionals from a range of agencies contribute to the module to provide authentic examples of health practices, and case studies and research data are used to exemplify and contextualise practice.

As one part of their module assessment, students produce a poster and summary notes, on the work of a chosen agency or professionals in a specific context relating to health and relationships. Posters are then displayed at a ‘poster conference’. Students can ask questions before critically assessing a number of these posters, according to assessment criteria, through large and small group discussions. They are then encouraged to offer each other constructive feedback, highlighting strengths and originality.

The process of involvement in peer assessment and the offering of feedback gives students the opportunity to engage deeply with the processes of the assignment and the way in which it is assessed, and to learn with - and from - others.

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