Case studies of assessment and feedback practice

Law - Introduction to Law

Contact: Sue Prince

This module is of interest in the way that employability objectives, work experience and planning for personal development are integrated into the traditional curriculum.

First year students gain a broad and critical understanding of the structure and functions of the legal system through lectures and workshops. If they select the Work Experience option within the module (rather than Advocacy), they are expected to be proactive in finding at least 35 hours of work in a local context.

This work does not need to be in a law firm or law-related field since it is the quality of the experience that is relevant rather than the quality of the firm or type of work. (Students have worked in the CAB, local or international law firms, restaurants, as funeral directors, surf instructors, and so on.)

Students learn through taking responsibility for their progress at a very early stage of their degree, and in making sense of their experience through reflection and analysis of the skills they gain. They also attend workshops on active learning and presentation skills, and their assessment takes the form of an oral presentation and written critical reflection that relates their experience of work to the study or practice of law.

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